Great surfing begins with great passion and should always end with a smile. By creating custom Surfboards for individual purposes I do my part in perfecting your experience.

Schooled by local shapers on my travels, fellow surf fanatics and my continuous drive for understanding the physics of the water and the art behind the culture brings my craft to where it is today.

It may be a fish, a log, a shortboard or a retro shape for you. Maybe those words don’t even mean anything to you yet. I am here to change that. Choose what’s best for you or just try a weird new shape you’ve always wanted to try, find out how it performs and most of all… find what it takes to get your surfing to the next level 🙂

So hit me up. We can talk design, color, shape, concave and everything else. Coffee is on me if you step by 😉

Also… if you’re interested in crafting your own board with my help, I’m looking forward to meet you.